So what makes Surf Style Training different from allll the other training programs out there?trailer film Cars 3


Instead of focusing on results for right now trying to get in as many jump squats as you can and even more burpee’s all for the sake of losing weight fast, Surf Style Training takes into account the sustainability of what you are practicing.

Much like crash dieting, hard an fast training done with little thought on technique will only get you so far. Usually to the point where something hurts and not in a good way, then you stop, rest and never pick it up again!

Instead of the “Go Hard or Go Home” method, Surf Style Training adopts a “Build Health Habits” vibe. Working with the bodies limitations, energy levels, your schedule and physical ability rather than “pushing through”.

The 5 Fundamentals of Surf Style Training are –

Core Strength – The building blocks for a strong posture to support you throughout the day, the base of all exercises and very important as your body changes from young to old. Without a strong Core advanced physical movement cannot be maintained on a regular basis without pain and discomfort.trailer film The Discovery

Flexibility – Just as important as Core Strength, how flexible you are determines your range of motion. Range of motion determines how effective an exercise will be when you are practicing correct technique to aid in better body performance. Not to mention avoiding joint replacements and the dreaded Back Pain!

Balance – A division of Core Strength, Balance is a vital part of staying youthful. Good balance improves physical response timing, physical performance and confidence thus better performance when training or getting involved in intense physical activities.

Endurance – The ability to KEEP GOING, stay energised and perform well at the same time is so importing to living a balanced and harmonic lifestyle. Surf Style Training not only focuses on the muscular attributes of Endurance training but the mental as well. Recovery is the key here!

Agility – The other 4 fundamentals of Surf Style Training come together to result in mind body Agility. The ability to be flexible, responsive, strong but pliable, adapt to your limitation, recover from injuries and ailments, move with a strong foundation in many different circumstances and change WITH the body as time goes on. All goals for the ideal Surf Style Lifestyle.

Surf Style Training can be your major source of fitness, something you do for fun, a way to recover from injury or a great accompaniment to your chosen sport. Any way you apply it Surf Style Training is safe an beneficial for LONG TERM FITNESS instead of right now fitness!

Not sure where to start? Try out the workouts in your VIDEO LIBRARY.

Beginner Series – 1 to 8

Intermediate Series – 9 to 16

Advanced Series – 17 to 24

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OR you can try out some of my recommended Workout Plans or a Monthly Challenge in the DOCUMENT LIBRARY.

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