If you’ve had a go at a few of the Workouts but not sure how to implement it into your weekly routine and how often, this is when you reach for a SST Workout Plan!

The Workout Plan is meant to be used in conjunction with the Workout Video’s found in the member video library.

The Workout Plans vary in weeks and what they focus on. I recommend starting with the Core Workout Plans (BEG/INT/ADV available), which run for 2 weeks each. These are best repeated twice over till you find the workouts easy.

When referring to you Workout Plan the Arrow Head will indicate which workouts are to be completed each week.
The idea is that you print off the Workout Plan, fill out the Start Date and tick off the workouts as you go!

On page two you will find Additional Movement suggestions to accompany the Workouts, this way you get the best results out of your body that you can!

These suggestions may include Cardio recommendations, nd appropriate stretches. Depending on the plan focus will determine what additional recommendations are listed.

Below is another table using the Arrow Head to indicate what Active Stretch Sequences are best for enhancing your recovery during the Workout Program you have selected.

If you like to do it your way, you will also find the Workout Plan Template for you to print off and design your own workout.

PLEASE NOTE *This is for personal use and it is not recommended setting a Workout Plan for someone else.


1. Select + Print a Workout Plan or Workout Plan Template

2. Fill out your start date for the Workout Plan to begin

3. Complete your Workouts when it suites your schedule and tick them off as you go!

4. Don’t forget to implement the Additional Suggestions + Active Stretch Sequences into your weeks

5. Once completely report your results and what you thought of the Workout Plan in your Personal Profile Diary Tab

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