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Introducing Phyton Whole Foods!

I'm happy to announce I am a Phyton Wholefoods Ambassador! Those of you whom have been on this SST journey with me or follow my Instagram account, know that I do not endorse products I don't use myself. My focus is on fitness, good healthy food and plenty of recovery...

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NEW SST Members ONLY Facebook Group!

Hey gang! If you're new to the Surf Style Training online program, you may not have seen our new SST Members ONLY Facebook Group! A place where Monthly or Annual members can access LIVE planning session with Elise (ME!), Active Stretch sessions, information sessions...

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Don’t Get Stuck in a Fitness Rut!

We all do it, even me. WE make our health and fitness regime BORING! Either from lack of inspiration or playing it safe with the same old routine, we struggle to get creative with out health and fitness plan from time to time. I’m going to...

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5 Steps to Mindful Eating

While I was away I committed to doing one thing at a time. One of those things was learning how to eat without external distractions. Also coined mindful eating. So often we find ourselves eating in front of the TV, with a magazine or book in...

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How To Use – Workout Plans

If you’ve had a go at a few of the Workouts but not sure how to implement it into your weekly routine and how often, this is when you reach for a SST Workout Plan! The Workout Plan is meant to be used in conjunction with the Workout Video’s found in the...

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The 5 Fundamentals of Surf Style Training

So what makes Surf Style Training different from allll the other training programs out there?trailer film Cars 3 SUSTAINABLE TRAINING! Instead of focusing on results for right now trying to get in as many jump squats as you can and even more...

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