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Created a new topic by accident oops, maybe the admin can delete that…. So I posted here again

My name is Hamish, I am an Australian who has been living in Berlin for the last 5 years. Unfortunately now I only get to surf on my holidays, so I train to be fit for when I get a chance to be in the water.

5 years ago I destroyed my knee playing sport and had a new ACL inserted, meniscus repair and holes in the cartilage… 🙁 After heaps of rehab exercise I was kind of able to walk again. But I really wanted to surf and have stability. The last 3 years I have trained 4 times a week getting my programs from Cris Mills. Specific surf drills of strength, stability and mobility has really helped me.

Last week I saw the facebook video post of Elise training with Malia and thought this looks like some of the stuff I like to train with. So I checked out the surf style training website and immediately new I wanted to be a member to see all the workouts. I am totally happy with the workouts and stretching protocols that I found there, and I cannot wait to get stuck into it further.