You know when people talk about having staples in the house? Like Milk, Bread, Eggs… Well, I want to introduce you to MY STAPLES! Oats                Eggs                Leafy Greens              Berries The four foods I will have on me at all times, accept for when I’m in the...

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12 Apr HOW TO USE – Personal profile

Humans are naturally drawn to results driven activities when it comes to health and fitness. That’s why I have included a Personal Profile tracking page for you to set your goals. After you have personalized your Profile by including your Profile Image, Cover Images (best for...

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31 Mar Retreat Yourself Special!

One of my favourite spoils for each season is sitting down and unpacking my Retreat Yourself Box, literally a retreat in a box. The ultimate recovery tool! In the most recent box you will find the seasonal magazine for Autumn with an article from me about...

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