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How Do I Register

Using your Credit Card or Debit Card sign up for a full years membership or month by month direct debit payment. You can register HERE.

How Do I cancel my trial?

Your trial will automatically terminate if you do not move to a fully register member 14 days after you sign up.

Can I change my subscription from monthly to yearly?

Yes you can! Keep in mind that your yearly membership will run from the date you changed over to the same date the following year. You do not refund the monthly fee once it has been debited from your account.

How do I update my profile + default cover image?

Go into your Profile Page and select the Wheel Icon on the top right corner of your Profile. Clicked Edit Profile and the options to upload or change your image will appear.

How do I update my Password and Privacy details?

On your Profile Page click the Wheel Icon on the top right of your profile. A drop down box will appear, select My Account. You can change your Password and Privacy from there.

How do I fill in and update my Person Profile information?

Go into your Profile Page and select the appropriate tab (About Me, Measurements, Healthy Bucket List, Activities + Goals) you wish to update. If you cannot see the section you are looking for, scroll down till you see it. Update the details you wish to then click the big TICK at the top right of your Profile or scroll to the bottom and click UPDATE PROFILE.

How do I sign up for a VIP program?

Once you have joined as a full Surf Style Training member, regular emails will be sent out to your provided email address. Some of these emails will have an intake announcement, offering an online VIP training program with Elise. You can reply to the email at the time expressing your interest. VIP training programs come at an additional cost and vary depending on the program itself.

How are payments accepted?

Payments for a membership are accepted as a one off payment annually via Credit Card or Debit Card. Monthly memberships are direct debited via a nominated card, either Credit Card or Debit Card.

How do I redeem the Promotional Code?

When you choose to upgrade or sign up for a full membership you can input the Promotional Code under “Discount Code” then press Apply. This discount will be applied to the amount to be debited from your account.

How many times can I use a Promotiona Code?

Promotional Codes are for once only use. These codes are accepted only once per person and are monitored on a regular basis. If you choose to be a monthly paying member, the promotional code is valid for the first month of your membership only.

Does my membership automatically renew, and charging my card?

Yes. If you are on a Monthly Membership your card will be charged on the same date you signed up to your membership the month following. If you have signed up to a Annual Membership, your card will automatically be charged to the date, the year following. If you do not wish to be charged for your next installment, you will need to cancel your membership prior to the date the next installment is due.

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